Thailand Jewelry or Thailand Jewellery?

Jewelry or Jewellery

You may have noticed there are a few different spellings for “Jewelry”, but which is the correct spelling?

It all depends on where you are.

You see, in England, Australia, and New Zealand, the correct way of spelling “Thailand Jewellery” would be: Thailand Jewellery. Also South African English and Indian English would use the same way of spelling.

However, in Canadian and American English, the word is slightly shorter and would be spelled “Thailand Jewelry”.

We opted to us the the spelling, Thailand jewellery for our domain name but you will probably notice that we also use the American spelling though-out the content of this website as we ship internationally.

We hope this helps to clarify which spelling should be used and we hope that you take time to view all of the beautiful hand crafted jewelry that has been made here in beautiful Thailand.

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