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 We know that man made jewelry, dates back to the upper palaeolithic period, over sixty thousand years ago when a grave in Sungir, Russia was excavated where they discovered ivory from a mammoth that was carved into beads.

The first reference we have to Crystals and gemstones been used for protection and healing date back to 1609 by Anselmus de Boodt who was also a physician to Roman Emperor, Rudolf II. Anselmus suggested that the presence of angels had a part to play in the virtue of a gemstone.

A series of experiments were later conducted to demonstrate potential effects and powers at the dawn of the 19th century. One clairvoyant claimed to experience physiological changes as well and changes to the olfactory senses. 

Many people claim when they are in contact with gemstones, they experience massive changes in their physiology and wellbeing. 

Crystals have been known to emit massive amounts of energy that can clear out auras, heal you mind, body and soul and open up chakras.

Thailand jewelry is committed to providing the best handmade jewelry that has been crafted by professionals in Thailand using 18k gold, silver and the finest precious and semi-precious gemstones. 

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